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As we all are aware, how COVID-19 has taken the world down the road of suffering and struggles. Many lives are at stake today, yesterday the person who was fit and fine is now lying on the bed in the hospital and battling for his/her life. The economy and companies are going through hardships due to this unprecedented crisis.

It is heard that currently, hydroxychloroquine and other related drugs are under study for corona virus treatment, assuming there is a possibility that this drug has the capability to fight corona virus and treat the patient to avoid death risks.

This is usually prescribed to patient with malaria, hydroxychloroquine basically, attacks and kills the parasites causing the disease.

Now, this is one of the reasons that it is being studied that how it can be made useful to treat newly discovered corona virus, remember everyone is different and body reacts to drugs accordingly hence, there could be some side effects which is being discussed as of now.

On Friday April 10, 2020 Biotech company Gilead Sciences has posted a hopeful analysis in The New England Journal of Medicine, it shows the effects of remdesivir on patients.

To know what this study explains we should know few terms for example remedesivir and how it works, I have tried to explain it in a simple terms please read it here:

What is Remedesivir?

Remdesivir is the experimental vaccine/medicine created by combining a nucleic acid base and a sugar. It is a Nucleotide analogue formed by using the fundamental molecules that combine together to form RNA. They consist nucleic acid base attached to a sugar- phosphate backbone and these nucleotides would create bonds with one another.
These sets of RNA molecules expand their numbers, novel catalytic properties added by mutation, which benefits their persistence and expansion in large scale.

Patients who are infected with SARS-CoV-2, who had an oxygen saturation of 94% or less while they are breathing were given this remdesivir.
Patients received a 10-day course of remdesivir, consisting of 200 mg administered intravenously on day 1, followed by 100 mg daily for the remaining 9 days of treatment to see the results.

Results are here as posted on The New England Journal of medicine official website:

Of the 61 patients who received at least one dose of remdesivir, data from 8 could not be analyzed (including 7 patients with no post-treatment data and 1 with a dosing error). Of the 53 patients whose data were analyzed, 22 were in the United States, 22 in Europe or Canada, and 9 in Japan. At baseline, 30 patients (57%) were receiving mechanical ventilation and 4 (8%) were receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. During a median follow-up of 18 days, 36 patients (68%) had an improvement in oxygen-support class, including 17 of 30 patients (57%) receiving mechanical ventilation who were extubated. A total of 25 patients (47%) were discharged, and 7 patients (13%) died; mortality was 18% (6 of 34) among patients receiving invasive ventilation and 5% (1 of 19) among those not receiving invasive ventilation.

Is this effective?

This remdesivir is an experimental vaccine formed to cure coronavirus decease and is not approved yet however, has been highlighted as promising anti-COVID-19 treatment.

As a matter of fact, the side affects of Hydroxychloroquine cannot be avoided.
This drug comes with some serious side effects and these are:

  • Heart disease, including heart failure and issues with your heart rhythm, etc.
  • muscle weakness
  • mental health effects and abnormal mood swings.

There are some more but these are which can cause issues in the future.

This study has shown result cannot be denied however, it comes with a cost which could be these serious issues.

Important Message!!!!!!!!

Remember, the doctors and staffs are suffering more than anyone right now, they have given their heart and soul to their duty taking chances doing their best day and night only to save our lives.
They are also human being and want to get back to their normal lives and enjoy time with their family and friends. If we stick by ground rules and keep up this tough but brave fight against COVID-19 we will definitely win.

To fight with corona we need to stand together not as a country but as a universe. Please stay at home, and maintain social distance, avoid any physical contact with people as much as possible.

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